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Ask Me Anything
Young. Not so innocent.

Ask Me Anything

Genre: Drama
Year: 2014
imdb rating: 6.1
Cast: Britt Robertson, Christian Slater, Justin Long
Director: Allison Burnett

A confused teenager writes a blog revealing her daily activities and secrets, advised to do so by her high school guidance counselor in lieu of moving onto her first year in college.

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Ask Me Anything: review

> Haunted by the past, and so refusing to sail on.

The most of the people does not aware of this movie's existence. The only reason I went for it was Brittany Robertson. She's been around, but for the first time I noticed her in a major role was in 'The First Time'. Ever since I kind of liked her, so I had no reason to skip it despite whatever the response it got.

Based on the book named 'Undiscovered Gyrl'. After finish watching this I felt the original title should have been borrowed instead, because that seems veracious to the narration. The story of a 18 year old girl who decides to blog in a fake name to hide her identity from family, friends and other known people. Because she wanted to write the whole truth about her life, especially to share her dark secrets. But is it safe to let the world know what kind of person she is?

The main character was confused between sex and relationship, and so the way it gets us as well. Mainly because of her haunting past. When it enters the final quarter, you probably won't remember the earlier events. The screenplay is not being perceptive, but had a bold plan to bring the curtain in a style. It was an unexpected twist that will make you go awe, but the biggest relief is it was only a fictional inspired by the reality of the internet culture the youngsters live-in everyday.

> "It's like we all want to be famous,
> even though we're not good at anything."

From her all the major characters so far, this one was the best Britt ever got to express deeply. The plot relies too much on the sexual journey, but there's no strong and disturbing scenes other than a couple of nude scenes. That does not approve teens to watch it, except the matured ones. Because of the movie theme I was hesitating in the initial parts and because of the ending I kind of liked entire film. One small twist changes the viewpoint of the whole narration. Remember, it perfectly imitated the web world as well.

The whole film was like a mathematical problem where one character stand in the middle and connects with four others directly. It's not going to solve it, but gives the formula to you do it and ends hinting with many possibilities. It does not make sure viewers understand it, but either way everything you predict is right as well as wrong. The significance of the storytelling was clear, that is to be a practical about the questions that never answered in the real world. You have to take all the clues and put together, because it all connected to main character's childhood. But still debate remains at the conclusion and so that is the way it is.

Frankly, I did not like the movie from the beginning till the final scene. I thought it was better than the average, certainly not a bad movie. But after the movie, between the watch and this review, during recollecting bit by bit about the movie's purpose, I realised it was being rational in many perspectives, about social media and its safety. This film equals to the those real stories, all the credits must go to the author who is also the screenwriter and director of the film. I feel it is underrated, if you are a regular blog reader of mine, then you may know when I say definitely not to miss.